Maintenance is important in the health of your website.  Your online presence needs frequent updating and monitoring to keep your search rankings high, your content fresh and prevent malicious attacks.  If attacks do happen, its extremely important to catch them early on and perform the necessary tasks to keep your business up and running.  You should be able to focus on what's important, and that's running your business and having the peace of mind knowing that your website is secure and updated.

With each plan, a designated amount of update allowance is set to make sure your site is never outdated and the necessary updates are made.  

With my loyalty program, after your first year, you will earn a FREE month of maintenance and updates.  On top of that, the hourly update allowance will increase by 1 hour per month as well as other perks I like to throw in once in a while to say thanks!

If the plans below for whatever reason do not work for you, please contact me and we can talk about getting a tailored, personalized plan that is personal to your business needs.

Website Maintenance Plans


  • Improved researched SEO
  • Monthly Google Analytics Report
  • 4 hours of site update allowance
  • Malware protection backed by Comodo
  • Weekly Backups to a secure server
  • Monthly Plugin / Module and software updates
  • Joomla! installation kept up to date

Max Protection

  • Improved researched SEO
  • Monthly Google Analytic reports
  • 6 hours of site update allowance
  • 24/7 advanced security backed by Comodo
  • Weekly backups to a secure server
  • Additional website protection by jSecure
  • Daily site and database backups
  • Joomla! installation kept up to date
  • Unlimited content updates (text & images)