Comodo Security

RH Web Design is partnered with Comodo cWatch to keep your site protected day and night.  Learn more about security threats here.

Believe it or not, thousands of websites small and large are hacked everyday.  Cyber criminals are here to stay and they're always coming up with ways to find a security loophole.  If you think your website is too small or because it doesn't drive a large amount of traffic, think again!  Ransomware, malware, phishing, 

Ransomware is a type of software that can prevent you from logging on your computer or website without having to first pay the ransom (usually around $500) to the cyber criminal.  They claim to provide a key that you can use to input into your computer that will remove the ransom and unlock your files once payment has cleared.  Unfortunately, they rarely provide a key.  After all, they're called cyber criminals for a reason.

Malware is malicious code that attempts to compromise your website and/or computer.  It can do anything from redirect you to dozens of malicious sites that the cyber criminal programs in an attempt to steal traffic and user information and even download viruses onto your computer and your visitors computers.  Keystroke loggers are another type of malware that records what YOU type in an attempt to steal usernames and passwords and consequently, identity theft can be a result.  Trojan horse is another common malware that works silently in the background and they can perform many different tasks.  

Insecure servers, third party applications, outdated plugins and outdated websites can all lead to malware threats.  It's more important today than ever to stay on top of your site, small or large to protect yourself and your viewers.