Responsive Design

Learn more about responsive design and what it can do for your site.

There was a time where responsive design wasn't around.  All sites were "static" sites which means that it was a one size for all device types.  Websites didn't scale well when mobile devices and tablets were first introduced.  The user interface was inefficient and often times hard to navigate and visually see certain aspects of a site due to the small nature of the content on mobile devices.  With the era of CSS and most recently the dawn of new CSS3 techniques and frameworks such as Bootstrap, the responsive revolution was born. 

Responsive design allows web professionals to create websites that are geared to work across all different device types.  Often types a desktop site will be designed differently than the mobile site due to the difference in nature of navigation and the user experience.  With over 50% of your users visiting your site from mobile devices, creating a responsive design that works on all devices is crucial to the success of your site.

CSS3 has allowed designers and developers to create stunning websites with complex animations, transitions, color schemes, layouts and so much more.  Web professionals have been able to use new CSS techniques with frameworks that allow us to create beautiful layouts and extremely functional user interfaces to keep your users attention on your website and make you stand out from the crowd.  These techniques also us to be more competitive and allow more affordable pricing for you!